Bad Breeder: Park Slope Mom Goes Ape Shit Over McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy

Was Park Slope parenting as bad before the days of 24 hour iPhone surveillance and guerrilla reporting?¬†Judging from the entitled nature of some of the patchouli-loving old-timers I know, I’m guessing yes.

Be that as it may, man, do we suck sometimes!

Over the weekend, news broke out on Twitter (fine, one guy’s twitter feed) of a massive hissy fit going down at the Park Slope McDonald’s.

As near as I can tell, a Park Slope mom demanded her right to buy a Happy Meal smurf toy minus the Happy Meal. When the cashier kid said they couldn’t sell it alone, the mom started shrieking, “It’s the LAW. You’ve got to sell it to me separately.”

I guess the broad balked at shelling out $3.99 for a plastic toy but, really, McDonald’s fries are better than any other fries so it wouldn’t have been a total loss.

@EvilPRGuy (geek, atheist and vegetarian pizza junkie) witnessed said meltdown with a malfunctioning Crackberry so, alas, there’s no video but I gather it went on for a while with threats of legal action and general cranky-assed bad behavior.

Some of the highlights:

“The lady is pushing her kid in a 2k dollar stroller, abusing minimum wage employees, writing down their names, threatening to get them fired.”


“She was self righteous about “The Law” so her kid could have one, but not the kid making Smurf toys in a sweatshop.”


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  1. Gogo Gowanus’s avatar

    A smurf costs $5 at most retail locations these days, so she was still getting a good deal, with or without the meal. But what good is the smurf, or happy meal, if you kid dies of embarrassment?

  2. TheRealAllie’s avatar

    We had a similar “Can I buy the toy without the meal” situation this weekend, not because we didn’t want to buy a shitty-ass kid’s meal, but because my junk-food-loving son has outgrown the portion size of the kid’s meal. We were at Burger King, where the answer was, “YES we can sell your kid the mini Paper Jamz guitar for $1.33.”

    Have it your way! Fuck McDonald’s!

  3. allison’s avatar

    I know that YOU wouldn’t have threatened to file a lawsuit if they’d said no. Please tell me you wouldn’t have done that!

  4. Daniel’s avatar

    Strange as I am forced to go into McDonalds and purchase the latest crappy toy often.. I have never had a problem buying the toys.. From buying the toys from the movie Rio while in Mexico without purchasing food, to getting the Brittney and the other Chipettes at the Atlantic Terminal McDonalds, I have never had a problem.

    As wrong as the employee was, I would have just bought the damn happy meal and given it to a homeless dude..

    Wish there was a video.. Oh well, I will just have to rewatch the woman bathing on the train..

  5. Frank’s avatar

    At the McDonalds on 4th ave and 2nd street I have been buying just the toys for a few years. Never an issue….I wonder if this is because it is the Smurfs…who knows but they have always sold the toy and will graciuosly trade a duplicate toy for one that i don’t have

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