Entitled Neighbor Watch: PPW’s Bike Lane Lawsuit Is Dunzo

I must admit: I’m sad this morning. I hadn’t even gotten around to officially joining Neighbors For Better Neighbors.

Yes, last night came the tweets: a judge in Brooklyn threw out the completely moronic lawsuit aimed at ridding Prospect Park West of its evil bike lane.

Seniors for Safety will just have to find some other dumb-ass thing to fight against. Rage against the machine, old farts. As it turns out, my 13-year-old is with you.

When I told him the news of the lawsuit’s dismissal this morning, he was outraged. Who knew? My kid is a closet bike lane opponent.

“I’m sorry, mom, but that bike lane is stupid. No one even uses it. And you have the park two feet away. It just makes it harder for Daddy and me to get where we need to go.”

Oh, for fuck’s sake.


  1. ImmaBreeder2’s avatar

    I always knew that kid was more than just a pretty face. Seriously though, as a PPW resident who is neither an “old fart” nor “entitled,” I have seen the danger, the inconvenience, and the ridiculousness of that bike line every single day of its existence–not to mention the duplicitous methods used by the DOT to get it expedited.

  2. Gogo Gowanus’s avatar

    People who still call their father “Daddy” do not get a vote

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