Greatest Stoop Sale Sign Ever Seen in Park Slope

Yes, I’ve been a very bad blogger girl (or womyn/breeder/person as you will). I’ve been inattentive; distracted by trying to find the perfect high school for my genius; adjusting to re-entry; hatching plans; fighting for justice; and stealing old broads carts by accident in the produce aisle at the Food Coop. Yes, that was this morning and she was NOT amused; thought I may have squished her perishables and all. Anyway, I’ve been lax with the old blogodoccio.

But my friend just posted this shot she took on the way to school drop off this morning and it’s just too salacious and/or funny to go ignored.

So, publicity stunt or the real thing? Weigh in. My guess is the former. And while I don’t wish this cuckolding and public vengeance on either hypothetical party, wouldn’t it be kind of awesome if this were true? This alone must lend some much-needed street cred to Park Slope at long last.

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  1. Deirdre’s avatar

    Saw that on fb too – do we have the same friend???

    My guess is actually that it is a roommate situation, like SWF kind of shit.

    But how GREAT would it be if it were a stoop sale ad?!

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