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As if the locals didn’t have enough to be pissed about when it comes to Bruce Ratner et al, now comes the news that an army of rats have been fanning out like a giant tsunami: infesting houses and backyards, eating peoples’ cars (insulation, anyway) and acting like rats.

Okay, that really is adding insult to injury.

Last Friday, 60 people who live in the area sat down together with City Council Member Letitia James and the Dean Street Block Association to share war stories. And holy rat shit, they had a lot to complain about. Descriptions ranged from a car catching on fire from food debris dragged into an engine by rats, garbage cans torn up, to kids unable to play in the Dean Street Playground, and rats landing on unwary folks hanging out on barca and chaise loungers inside their homes and while hanging in backyards.

Some notable quotes from Atlantic Yards Report:

“We don’t have a normal rat problem, we have a rat tsunami,” observed Dean Street resident Karen-Ida Scott.

“I now park in Park Slope,” recounted John Martinez (at right, speaking), aiming to save his car’s insulation from regular rat attacks. “If gets any further, I’ll have to take a cab to my car.”

“I’ve lived on Dean Street for 49 years; this is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” observed Rosa Cintron.

“I’m here since 1963; we never saw so many rats like this,” recounted Joe Pastore (left, speaking), a longtime resident of Dean Street who was relocated from the arena block. “I have seen big rats like cats eat right through the plastic bags.”

“I’ve never seen rats in Fort Greene,” commented Lucy Koteen, an Atlantic Yards opponent who was one of several Fort Greene residents (the rest not active in the opposition) at the meeting. Lately, she said, she’s seen rats the size of large squirrels.

I guess it should come as no big surprise that Forest City Ratfink doesn’t want to take responsibility for the rat epidemic. The city DOH says it will send out investigators to evaluate the sitch but seemed to place as much blame on area ressies as Forest Ratner.

By the way, the biggest rat of them all will be at his new Dune Road estate in Hampton Bays while the poor schlubs of Prospect Heights are meeting with exterminators and trying to find a parking spot in Park Slope.

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